OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business


Learn iT! offers a 4 hour Microsoft OneDrive training course. Learn how to store your files safely and access them from any device. Enroll now!

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Course ID: A1902

Duration: 9:00 am-12:00 pm PST

Location: In-Person (San Francisco) or Live Online | Click here to schedule private course.


Microsoft OneDrive for Business is your professional document library. Our OneDrive training for business uses Microsoft Office 365 housed productivity software to store and organize your work files in the cloud. In this 4 hour class you’ll learn how to store your documents, pictures and other files safely and access them from any device connected to the Internet, including your phone and tablets.

+ Who Should Attend

Anyone with Office 365 interested in OneDrive training.

+ Course Outline


  • What is OneDrive?
  • Understanding cloud storage
  • How to sign in and create an account
  • Uploading files to OneDrive
  • Exploring the OneDrive site
  • Create and work with folders
  • Organize your photos and videos
  • Searching for files and folders
  • The recycle bin
  • Storage and options
  • Sharing files in OneDrive
  • Sharing with specific people or groups
  • Change or stop sharing
  • Receiving a share request
  • Downloading the OneDrive for Business app to your phone or tablet
  • OneDrive and Office Online
  • Working with Word documents
  • Working with Excel spreadsheets
  • Working with PowerPoint decks
  • Using OneNote
  • Using SharePoint
  • Sync your OneDrive for Business library to your computer

+ Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

+ Certifications