Excel: Power User

Excel: Power User

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This advanced Microsoft Excel training course is great for anyone interested in taking Excel to the next level! We'll review VLOOKUP's, INDEX / MATCH functions, pivot tables, charts, array formulas, and more. Enroll now!

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Course ID: A1200d

Duration: 1 Day | 2 Modules (9:00 am - 4:00 pm PST)

Location: In-Person (San Francisco) or Live Online | Click here to schedule private course.


Putting data to work in new and creative ways is a huge part of what makes Excel great. In this course, users will learn to take new and familiar tools and use them to create dynamic, easy-to-use workbooks. Users will learn to put Data Mining tools like VLOOKUP and INDEX/MATCH to work when processing information. Strategies for building complex charts and pivot tables will be discussed along with a crash course on building Array functions/formulas and macros. This course is the natural next step for those who feel like “There has to be a better way!”.

+ Who Should Attend

Advanced Excel users, Financial Analysts, Accounting professionals, Data Analysts, and anyone interested in taking Excel to the next level!

+ Course Outline

Module 1 

Data Mining Techniques

  • Troubleshooting Vlookup 
    • MATCH for column lookup 
    • INDEX & MATCH 
    • VLOOKUP with IFERROR for secondary lookup table 

Advanced Pivot Table Techniques 

  • Outside Formula Building (Get Pivot Data) 
  • Calculated Items & Fields 
  • Grouping (Dates & Manual) 
  • Show Values as (Alternate Data Views) 

Module 2 


  • Useful Array Functions 
  • Index & Match for multiple lookup values 

Advanced Conditional Formatting 

  • Highlight Entire Row 
  • Based on Logical Test 
  • Banded Rows 

Advanced Charting 

  • Recommended Charts 
  • New Charts: Having the correct data for each chart type 
  • Combo Charts 
  • Rigging up existing charts to display what you want 
  • Using Radio Buttons and Form Controls 


  • Report Generators 
  • Creating and Using Buttons 
  • VBA Essential Code Blocks 
    • If Then statements 
    • Do Until loops

+ Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

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