Excel: Advanced

Excel: Advanced

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Course ID: A1206

Duration: 1 Day | 2 Modules (9:00 am - 4:00 pm PST)  

Location: Flex - San Francisco or Live Online | Click here to schedule private course.


Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet application. Learning how to use Excel is an investment in both your personal and professional life. Excel makes it easy to monitor financial performance, such as business profit or loss, calculate payments on large purchases, plan a budget, or stay organized with checklists.

+ Who Should Attend

Anyone looking to master complex functions, including VLOOKUP and SUMIFS, and to learn the fundamentals of creating and editing macros that can automate processes in Excel.
Knowledge of Excel Introduction and Intermediate concepts preferred.

+ Course Outline

Module 5: Advanced Functions

  • Creating And Applying Names In A Worksheet
  • Using The IF Function
  • Introduction To Nesting Functions
  • The ROUND function
  • Using the Formula Auditing Tools
  • VLOOKUP Functions
  • Summary Based Functions: SUMIF(S), COUNTIF(S), AVERAGEIF(S)
  • Using the IFERROR Function
  • Text Functions: Left, Right & Mid
  • Concatenate, Text-To-Columns
  • Other Useful Functions

 Module 6: Using the "What If" Analysis Tools & Recording Macros

  • Using the Consolidate Data commands
  • Using the Goal Seek and Solver tools
  • Creating Data Tables
  • Using the Scenario Manager
  • Adding the Developer Tab to the Ribbon
  • Recording and Running Macros
  • Introductions to Editing Macros with the Visual Basic Editor
  • Creating Buttons to Run Macros
  • Customizing the Ribbon

+ Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

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