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10.29.2019 - Learn iT! and 20 Somethings of SF Present: Advocate for Yourself

Keynote Speaker: Kandis Porter, MBA, MSPM is the Founder and Managing Director of Effective Flow Connections, a management consulting company that helps transform organizations through successful Leadership, establishing Strategic Goals & Objectives, Program/Project Management, Change Management, Process Improvement, and Training.

When: Tuesday, October 29th, 6pm-8pm

Where: Learn iT! - 33 New Montgomery St., #300


03.14.2019 - Learn iT! Forward 2019 : Learning & Development Thought Leadership Forum

Keynote Speaker: Kandis Porter, MBA, MSPM, PMP, Prosci Change Management Practitioner

When: 8:30am - 12:00pm

Where: Learn iT! - 33 New Montgomery St., #300


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09.18.2018 - Panel: Cultivate Thriving Leadership

We're excited to explore how learning and professional development can foster leadership qualities within everyone, at all levels of an organization.


Katie Hughes, Partner at General Catalyst, formerly Talent Partner at DFJ

Anna Binder, Head of People Operations at Asana, formerly VP of People at MuleSoft

Margaret Gillette, Senior Director of People Development at HashiCorp, formerly Director of Talent & Organization Development at Fitbit

Shawn Vanderhoven, Founder of UP & Partner at the Wiseman


Kaleana Markley, Director of Wellbeing at Sequoia Benefits

10.05.2018 - Learn iT! X Fika Friday

Fika, or "to have coffee," is a concept in Swedish culture that allows friends and colleagues to slow down and spend meaningful time with each other over pastries, cookies, pie and your hot beverage of choice.

When: 2:00pm - 2:30pm

Where: WeWork - 600 California St., 19th Floor Lounge

Why: Join Learn iT!’s Strategic People Partner, Heather Arora, to chat about how your organization can cultivate thriving leadership.

Point of Contact: Cara Mia Lembi 415-786-5995



10.09.2018 - ATD | Disrupting Traditional Leadership Models

Do your employees get "leadership-overwhelmed?” Here's an opportunity to unlearn the leadership approaches that disengage your people, and instead learn how to empower them to innovate and take initiative. This workshop will help you foster a culture that adapts a positive mindset around change and disruption and apply Coaching Leadership tools to move people away from problems and toward solutions.

When: 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Where: Learn iT! - 33 New Montgomery St., #300

Why: Join ATD to explore questions on disrupting leadership, such as: Where do our ideas about leadership come from? What are the biggest challenges you face as a leader? 



11.13.2018 - ATD | Supporting Social Learning for the 21st Century

Social learning is how people learn today - through their networks, colleagues, social media and technology. Learning and Development professionals today need to help employees connect to other people, information, and insights within and across organizations in order to be engaged continuous learners and to keep up with industry, job, and organizational changes. This session will introduce the concept of social learning and the skills for becoming a social learner. In addition, participants will see a demo of a learning website created for staff learning at the University of California Berkeley called the Wisdom Cafe.

When: 5:30pm - 8:00pm

Where: Learn iT! - 33 New Montgomery St., #300

Why: This session will introduce the concept of social learning and the skills for becoming a social learner, including curation, blogging and micro-blogging, building a personal learning network (PLN), and the personal knowledge management (PKM) skills of seeking, sensing, and sharing. We will explore these skills through videos, examples, and activities.


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